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With SEO Louisville website design, your business gains an attractive, professional presence online. But that's not all. Because we develop websites with search engine optimization and Internet marketing techniques in mind, your site can become your most powerful sales tool. Although your website may look good, people must be able to find and use it for the site to be of any value.

At SEO Louisville, we know what a successful business website requires. We consider the visual aspect and create a pleasing, professional website design. But we also consider usability, optimization and marketing when developing a website.

Developing Your Website

In addition to becoming a powerful sales tool, your website will be an extension of your business. It may be the first impression given to new and potential customers. You want it to look professional and reflect your business image. But to be successful, it must be user and search engine friendly.

Visitors should be able to quickly find the information, products or services they want. Navigation throughout the site should be simple, and calls-to-action prominently placed. If you want customers to contact you, your phone number should be on every page. If you want them to fill out a form, make it easy for them to do so. If your goal is to sell products online, promote those most important to your bottom line.

To make it simple for search engines to find and index your entire site, you will need a website with clean code and the right database interfaces. Use CSS, avoid frames and too much flash, and add sitemaps and a custom 404. Interlinking of pages should be done with text, not images, and that anchor text (a hyperlink's text) should include keywords.

A successful website design will allow for easy content additions and updates. You should be able to edit it without advanced technical skills, and it should be possible to expand the site as your business grows.

Content Is Still King

Images may be pleasing to the eye, but what you say on the web pages is vital to a successful website. Select a designer who understands visual communication, and ensure your site is built with informative and interesting content that reflects your business image as well as the products/services offered. Put thought into what you say and how you say it. Add fresh content to your website regularly.

When building your content, keep in mind that keyword placement in that content is necessary for search engine optimization. If you want a page to get top placement in search engines for a specific key phrase, that phrase must be used in the webpage content. Adding it to other pages within your site also helps boost your website's ranking for that specific key phrase.

Getting Website Design Started

If you need a full website built from scratch, our designers will create one that brings results. Click to learn what is included with a new website design and what it will cost. For the best results, add one of our SEO Louisville search marketing packages or some of our separate website marketing services.

SEO Louisville also offers a full service microsite design, development and promotion package. If you want to promote a new product or service, these microsites will do it.

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