Louisville Website Marketing: la carte Services to Make Your Website Work

SEO Louisville website marketing services are designed to help you build a successful business website that attracts potential customers and increases sales or leads. Although a combination of services, as provided in our website marketing packages, offers the greatest results, some businesses may have already implemented many of the services in those packages.

If you're interested in Louisville website marketing services, but don't need an entire package, we offer each of the services, including search engine optimization and website design, la carte. Click on any of the links below to download a pdf file that provides a detailed description of the service and what it will cost. Each file also includes a copy of the contract for you to preview before meeting with us.

Website Marketing Services

SEO & Website Design - On-page search engine optimization and web design services can be purchased separately or you can order an SEO website redesign.

SEO Copywriting - To build a successful business website, you should add fresh content regularly. Search engines love to find new content to index, and they give more attention to the sites that provide it. Adding new content helps increase a website's ranking in search engines and attracts more potential customers. SEO Louisville offers professional copywriting services including:

Your Company Blog - Blogs can bring good search engine rankings, attract customers and build rapport. Get a customized company blog set up and optimized. We also offer training, blog copywriting and directory submission.

Google Custom Search - Google's custom search is unmatched. Add it to your website so visitors can quickly and easily find the products, services or information they want.

Website Maintenance - Building a successful website is an ongoing process that can be difficult without the technical skills required. Our professional website designers will provide site maintenance such as uploading or updating content, navigation, contact info, etc. Select from one of three plans.

Video Production & Marketing - American consumers love to view videos online. SEO Louisville offers professional video production and marketing services that include video testimonials, green screen videos, television commercials, video tours and promotional or training videos.

Link Building - Link building (getting links from other websites to yours) is vital for a website's success, but is not as easily accomplished as it was in the past. Today search engines place considerable importance on the number of quality links to a site when calculating rankings, and human traffic following links to your site will mainly be potential customers looking for the products or services you offer. Finding quality websites that allow a one-way link back to your website takes considerable time and effort. SEO Louisville offers the following linking building plans:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising - Although SEO is a process that takes time to build, managed PPC campaigns can bring more immediate results.

Landing Pages - Turn your PPC traffic into leads you can track.

Call Tracking - Know where your leads are coming from and don't miss another one.

Education & Training

SEO, PPC & Web Design Education & Training - In addition to providing website marketing services, we offer education and training that teaches you / your employees how to provide the services in house. Learn the basics of SEO, PPC management, blogging and website maintenance.

To order website marketing services or speak with a representative about services offered, call toll free 1-800-477-1324 or send an email to information@seolouisville.com.