Louisville Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration is a must for any business online. SEO Louisville domain name registration is provided for a fee, or you can get free domain registration when ordering one of our other services. But before registering a domain, put some thought into what name you're selecting, as it will become your Internet address. If chosen wisely, it could also add to your site's search engine optimization.

A domain name, which is what people type into the address bar of web browsers such as Firefox and Explorer to reach a site, can be whatever you desire, including the name of your company or the main key phrase you plan to use in your website. (Using your site's key phrase in a domain name adds to search engine optimization.)

As an example SEOLouisville.com is our domain name. If you're a bankruptcy attorney in Louisville, you might select louisvillebankruptcyattorney.com as your domain name, if it's available, or you could use your firm's name. You could also try bankruptcyattorneyslouisville.com, louisvillebankruptcylawyer.com, etc.

After selecting a domain name, you need to check its availability before registering it. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) maintains a database of all domain names registered to ensure no duplicates exist. When you register a domain name, it becomes yours and yours alone - at least until you let the registration expire.

Note: Purchase SEO Louisville search engine optimization, website design or web hosting services and your domain name registration is free! We will also help you select a name to use that offers your site the most benefits.

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