Search Engine Optimization Louisville: Organic SEO

Search engine optimization of Louisville business websites gets those sites seen in search engine results and visited by potential customers. SEO uses proven techniques to increase a website's ranking in organic search results for targeted key phrases, which in turn drives customers to the site.

What is Organic SEO?

Organic search engine optimization involves tweaking and developing a website to increase the site's placement in free search engine listings, as opposed to pay-per-click (sponsored) listings. Gaining a prominent position in organic search results, a lucrative place to be for any business website, is the goal. A specific, ethical process is used to reach and maintain such a position.

The Search Engine Optimization Process

The SEO process begins by identifying key phrases that the company's customers might use when searching to find the products and services offered. If you own a salon in Louisville, is it a hair salon or nail salon? Would a customer use 'beauty salon Louisville,' 'hair cut in Louisville' or 'Louisville hair salon'? A list of key phrases is created, and then research is performed to determine the optimal phrases for each of the website's pages based on a search volume and competition.

After selecting one or two primary key phrases per page, the on-page optimization begins. Each page's title, meta tags, header tags (on-page bolded titles) and alt tags (tags to describe images) are optimized for these specific phrases. The content is edited, if necessary, to include those targeted key phrases. Sitemaps are generated and added to the site, and website redesign is performed as needed to ensure the site is search engine and user friendly.

SEO Louisville offers these services as part of one of three search marketing packages or you can purchase on-page organic search engine optimization separately.