Microsite Design, Development & Promotion

SEO Louisville offers a full-service microsite design, development and promotion package for businesses interested in marketing a specific product or service. This package includes everything you need _ from domain name registration and website hosting to microsite development and promotion.

Microsite Definition

A microsite is simply a mini website developed as a supplement to a primary website. It can be one page or a few pages, all with a focus on the same, singular subject. That focus is what distinguishes a microsite from a larger and more broadly focused primary commercial website. The microsite usually has its own domain name and is marketed separately to target one key phrase. It can be a permanent site or one used temporarily, such as for testing a new market area or introducing a new product or service.

SEO Louisville Microsite Development & Marketing Package

SEO Louisville microsite packages include research for selecting the key phrase to target and registration of a domain name with that key phrase included. We provide professional website design, development and setup of five web pages, including one custom call to action landing page. Copywriting and on-page search engine optimization of the pages are included, and you get a press release written and distributed to announce the site's launch.

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